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Unlimited Character Development!
Behold the essence of authentic Chinese martial arts game!

Chunsangbi is a Chinese martial arts 2D MMORPG with RTG (Real Time Growth) element via which you can level-up your avatar indefinitely. With a diverse scenario plots and contents that are primarily based on the history and geography of vast Chinese continent, players can experience vividly created Chinese martial arts world while developing one’s avatar from a mere human figure to a god-like entity.

NEOWIZ On Studio
NEOWIZ On Studio
Game On
Release Date
May 2002
Adults Only (18+)
Countries in service
Republic of Korea Taiwan Japan

Chunsangbi Main Features

  • Fascinating storyline staged right in the middle of unending veiled enmity
  • Real time avatar development through a separate “training system” and “transformation system,” not just via tedious monster-hunting grindings
  • Player-centered play environment with automatic combat and healing system that minimizes repetitive and monotonous controls
  • Strange and fascinating “ties” you can form during your adventures are shaped into the Strange Fate items
  • Various PvE, PvP contents including Conquest (party-type raids), Siege (guild vs. guild for control of castle) and Guardian Battleground where everyone in a server cooperates to achieve the objectives
  • Craft system that allows players to directly acquire material necessary for crafting via collecting, mining, fishing, farming, and Feng Shui
  • Various and powerful community system composed of normal, All-hearing sound, party, channel, guild and conquest
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